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Sphere L22 - Musik Utan Gränser
Sphere L22 - Musik Utan Gränser
Sphere L22 - Musik Utan Gränser
  • Ladda upp bild till gallerivisning, Sphere L22 - Musik Utan Gränser
  • Ladda upp bild till gallerivisning, Sphere L22 - Musik Utan Gränser
  • Ladda upp bild till gallerivisning, Sphere L22 - Musik Utan Gränser

Sphere L22

Townsend Labs
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15 995 kr
15 995 kr
Ordinarie pris

Sphere L22 Kondensator, stereo, stormembransmikrofon som modellerar egenskaperna hos de mest eftertraktade vintagemikrofonerna med häpnadsväckande precision. Byt mikrofon, karaktäristik eller andra egenskaper under eller efter inspelning. 30 mikrofonmodeller ingår. 

The Sphere L22™ microphone system from Townsend Labs models the characteristics of the most sought-after large-diaphragm condenser microphones with amazing accuracy, and allows selection of different mics and patterns even after tracking.

The Sphere™ system consists of a high precision dual channel microphone, which when paired with the included Sphere DSP plug-in (UAD, VST, AU, AAX Native) accurately models the response of a wide range of mics, including transient response, harmonics, proximity effect and three-dimensional polar response.

Now you can:

  • Record with the sound of microphones many have only dreamt about
  • Change mic type, polar pattern, and other microphone characteristics, even after tracking!
  • Audition the sound of different microphones without tiring the vocalist
  • Reduce bleed, undesirable room coloration, and other common issues using Off-Axis Correction™
  • Record in stereo from a single microphone

Breakthrough Microphone Modeling Technology Sphere’s three-dimensional approach captures the spatial nuances, proximity effect and off-axis frequency response of a wide range of microphones, which until now was not possible with any other product.

Dream Collection Access some of the most prized microphones of all time, including a 47 (with VF14 tube), a 67, an M49, and a C12. Sphere L22 Microphone The Sphere system employs the high-resolution, dual-channel L22 large-diaphragm condenser microphone, custom designed to capture the three-dimensional soundfield with exacting detail.

Manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, the L22 ensures that modeling is consistent and accurate. Realtime UAD Processing With Universal Audio Apollo, achieve extremely low latency (approx. 1.6ms round trip at 96kHz) for guaranteed real-time performance.

Also supports native AAX, VST and AU. Polar Pattern Modeling Because Sphere captures the three-dimensional response of target microphones, it precisely emulates the polar patterns and other off-axis characteristics of vintage microphones which are essential to their unique sound.

Re-Mic Sphere Tracks Select mic type, polar pattern and other settings both before and after tracking. Adjustable Proximity Effect No need to move a microphone solely because of too little or too much bass due to proximity effect. Great for punching in a vocal where distance from the mic varies from take to take.

Dual Mic Models Dual Mode in the Sphere plug-in makes possible phase-coherent mixing of multiple virtual mic models from the same physical microphone, before or after tracking. It's also possible to adjust the relative phase alignment of the two mics with the Align control.

Record In Stereo (With One Mic) With just one Sphere L22 mic it’s possible to make coincident stereo recordings, and even have different mic models on the left and right channels, using the Sphere 180 plug-in. Off-Axis Correction™ Virtually rotate the axis of the mic to give a more off-axis sound before or after tracking. Axis Shift Create more accurate polar patterns to reduce bleed, room coloration, and susceptibility of feedback before or after tracking. For more information see the Off-Axis Correction chapter in the Sphere Hardware and Software User Guide. Polar Meter The Sphere plug-in features a visually informative (and very cool) Polar Meter that dynamically displays the direction and level of sound being picked up by the microphone, as well as the currently selected polar pattern. Low Noise The microphone hardware has a self-noise level of 7dB-A SPL, well below most vintage microphones and comparable to many of the best modern microphones.

High SPL Handling The L22 can handle in excess of 140dB SPL before clipping and is remarkably rugged. It won’t be damaged by high SPLs or air blasts as some vintage microphones can be. Sphere

– How It Works Using a dual-capsule microphone with dual-outputs makes it possible to more completely capture the soundfield—including the directional and distance information otherwise lost with a conventional single-channel microphone.
This allows the Sphere system to precisely reconstruct how different microphones respond to the soundfield. In contrast, other microphone modeling technologies apply EQ to filter the sound from what is essentially a conventional microphone. This is fundamentally no different from using EQ to process a recorded track. track.

The Sphere L22 microphone modeling system comprises this precision dual-channel microphone, plus an audio plug-in for your DAW.
The software plug-in does all of the DSP processing used to create the microphone models. Using a plug-in, instead of DSP processing built into the mic, has the major advantage of allowing the user to change all of the modeling settings, such as mic type and polar pattern, after the audio is recorded. For more information about the technology behind Sphere take a look at the Sphere™ Technology Whitepaper.

What’s included

  • Sphere L22 Microphone – high precision, dual-capsule, large-diaphragm condenser studio microphone, which can be used with or without modeling
  • 10 Foot (3 Meter) Breakout Cable
  • Shock Mount
  • Hard Mount
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Plush Dust Cover Sphere Plug-in
  • Sphere™ DSP algorithms – accurately models a wide range of the most sought-after microphones in the world.
  • Re-Mic technology – allows the user to change the mic type and polar pattern even after tracking.
  • New patented features – including Off-Axis Correction™, which can produce more accurate polar patterns for reduced bleed, room coloration, and feedback.
  • Supports a wide range of plug-in formats – including UAD, VST2, VST3, Audio Units, and AAX Native on Mac and Windows.

30 included microphone models:

  • LD-47K
  • LD-49K
  • LD-67
  • LD-67 NOS
  • LD-12
  • LD-251
  • LD-800
  • LD-87
  • LD-87 TK
  • LD-414 Brass
  • LD-414 Nylon
  • LD-414 US
  • LD-414 T2
  • LD-563
  • LD-017T
  • SD-451
  • SD-416
  • RB-4038
  • RB-77DX Satin
  • RB-77DX Umber
  • DN-57
  • DN-7
  • DN-409N
  • DN-409U
  • DN-421N
  • DN-421S
  • DN-421B
  • DN-12A
  • DN-12E
  • Sphere Linear