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Minibrute 2S Noir - Musik Utan Gränser
Minibrute 2S Noir - Musik Utan Gränser
Minibrute 2S Noir - Musik Utan Gränser
Minibrute 2S Noir - Musik Utan Gränser
Minibrute 2S Noir - Musik Utan Gränser

Minibrute 2S Noir

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5 295 kr
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Ny cool version i svart.

Ett fantastiskt standalone-instrument, MiniBrute 2S har en massiv syntpotential som är intuitiv, lättillgänglig och rolig att använda. Oavsätt om du är ett erfaret proffs eller nybörjare i syntvärlden kommer du finna MiniBrute 2S layout enkel att förstå sig på, snabb att bemästra och grymt inspirerande. Tack vare sin analoga semi-modulära arkitektur har du hands on-kontroll av varje parameter.
  • Mixable, multi-waveform VCO1 and VCO2 with sound shapers: Sawtooth, Ultrasaw, Square, Pulse, Triangle, Metalizer, and Sine waves, with fine and coarse tuning modes, noise generator, and external input.
  • Steiner-Parker multimode filter with beefy, acidic tone, capable of self-oscillation. Featuring low pass, high pass, band pass, notch, and bypass.
  • ADSR envelope generator, and extra multi-mode, CV-controllable AD filter.
  • Brute Factor™ adds subtle drive effects to full blown intermodulation havoc.
  • Comprehensive CV Gate modulation matrix with 48 patch points, letting you control many elements of the synthesizer and sequencer.
  • Arturia Link System: connect RackBrute-3U/6U to MiniBrute 2 or MiniBrute 2S to create a full-blown modular synth creative EcoSystem.
  • Two LFOs with multiple waveforms, able to run in sync with the sequence Intuitive triple-layer Sequencer and advanced Arpeggiator, syncable with MIDI and USB.
  • High quality, durable performance pad interface with velocity and pressure sensitivity.
  • Line out, headphone output, dedicated MIDI I/O and USB connectivity.
  • Product Size 477*277*56mm / 18,77*10,90*2,20inch
  • Weight 3,52kg / 52,25lb
  • Other products like RackBrutes and Eurorack modules that might appear on images are not included