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Mighty Plug 2 - Musik Utan Gränser
Mighty Plug 2 - Musik Utan Gränser
Mighty Plug 2 - Musik Utan Gränser
  • Ladda upp bild till gallerivisning, Mighty Plug 2 - Musik Utan Gränser
  • Ladda upp bild till gallerivisning, Mighty Plug 2 - Musik Utan Gränser
  • Ladda upp bild till gallerivisning, Mighty Plug 2 - Musik Utan Gränser

Mighty Plug 2

Ordinarie pris
799 kr
799 kr
Ordinarie pris

I butik: Leverans 1–2 arbetsdagar

Den optimala övningsförstärkaren för gitarr och bas.

En liten förförstärkare som verkligen låter fantastiskt och mer en rad olika förstärkarvariationer,effekter och Impulse response, dessutom finns rytmer m.m.

Kopplas ihop med din mobil,surfplatta eller dator via bluetooth, vilket kommer ge dig full tillgång till att skapa dina egna program.

Perfekt att lira ihop med bakgrunder.

Bara koppla in dina hörlurar och kör!

Mighty Plug is a handy silent-play gear for both guitarists and bassists, featuring various effects, modeling amplifiers, and Impulse Response (IR) cabinet models. With built-in acoustic guitar IR models and acoustic amps, you can play regular electric guitar to simulate acoustic guitar. The embedded Drum patterns can let you play along with your favorite music styles. To remotely control Mighty Plug with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, please install the MightyAmp app.

TSAC-HD] WHITE-BOX Amp Modeling Algorithm The white-box algorithm offers real negative-feedback, increment-by-increment. NUX TSAC-HD replicates the same playability most guitarists prefer in a real tube amplifier.

The firmware V2 upgrades specific Pre-EFX with TSAC-HD WHITE-BOX algorithm. Touch Wah, U-Vibe, Tremolo, PH 100, ST Singer, T Screamer, Katana, 3 Band EQ, Muff Fuzz, Crunch Box, Red Dirt, Morning Drive, Dist One, Rose Comp For the Pre-EFX (Dynamic Based), analog circuit is very responsive. WHITE-BOX algorithm can replicate the feature to bring you great playability and chaos EQ character. You will be impressed with the Drive & Compressor.

Guitar Cabs: 1960A, A212, BS410, DR112, GB412, JZ120, TR212, V412 Bass Cabs: AGL_DB810, AMP_SV810, MKB_410, TRC_410 Acoustic Guitar IRs: G HBird EG Mag, G J15 EG Mag, M D45 EG Mag, G J200 EG Mag, G J45 EG Mag, T 314 EG Mag, M HD28 EG Mag Impulse Response is the most popular way to do cab simulation nowadays. Why? Because the sound is noticeably more realistic compared to traditional cab simulation. Besides that, IR can simulate acoustic guitar profiles with optimized sound depending on your guitar and pickup type. Mighty Plug offer several Acoustic IRs for electric guitar with magnetic pickups to do Acoustic Guitar Simulation. *We recommend you to use Neck pickup (better to use single-coil) to run acoustic IRs. Note: Mighty Plug runs 512 samples IR resolution.

PH 100, CE-1, ST Chorus, SCF, U-Vibe, Tremolo

Analog, Digital, Mod Delay, Ping Pong

Room, Hall, Plate, Spring Essential and classic modulations, delays, reverbs are in the compact silent-practice power-house.

Bluetooth Mode
You can choose the Bluetooth connection AUDIO mode to play along with your favorite music only. Or APP mode to control the effects and customize your presets, and store it. You can also playback any music when APP mode is selected. The audio mode option is useful when you connect any Bluetooth device that you can not install the Mighty Amp application.