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DP759BK PAF 7 - Musik Utan Gränser
  • Ladda upp bild till gallerivisning, DP759BK PAF 7
  • Ladda upp bild till gallerivisning, DP759BK PAF 7 - Musik Utan Gränser


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1 260 kr
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PAF® 7 DP759BK. As the popularity of 7-string guitars has grown, so has the demand for a clean-sounding, lower-output pickup that performs like the classic humbuckers of the late 50s.

Far from being a modification to a 6-string design, the PAF® 7 is specifically designed for 7-string guitars, and incorporates some of the same technology employed in the Virtual Vintage® pickup series to produce a sound that's both clean and open on the low notes and warm and rounded on the highs. The PAF® 7 comes with 4-conductor cable.

Recommended For All positions.

Tech Talk It's a well-known fact that humbuckers from the 1950s employed Alnico 2, 3, or 5. We found that by using a ceramic magnet in the PAF 7™ we could achieve the same low magnet-pull as Alnico 2 or 3, with the power of Alnico 5. The ceramic magnet keeps the sound of the low strings bright and clean, and Virtual Vintage® technology inside the coils is responsible for warm high notes and the playing feel of 50s humbuckers.

  • Finish: Black.
  • Pole pieces: Nickel.
  • Wiring: 4 Conductor.
  • Magnet: Ceramic.
  • Output mV: 220.
  • DC Resistance: 7.23 Kohm.
  • Year of Introduction: 2000.
  • Patent: 5,908,998.