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Custom P-90 SP90-3n - Musik Utan Gränser

Custom P-90 SP90-3n

Seymour Duncan
Ordinarie pris
995 kr
995 kr
Ordinarie pris
1 652 kr

High output P-90. Excellent for modern country, heavy blues, classic rock, hard rock, punk, garage and metal. 

With its overwound coil and dual large ceramic magnets, the Custom is our most powerful high-output P90 pickup. In the bridge position, it will give you fat, growling chords that are full of rich midrange and sparkling harmonics. It really emphasizes the attack of your pick against the strings, and can keep even high-gain sounds detailed and defined.

Chords are raucous and bold and single notes will jump out with an edgy grit that will have no trouble cutting through any mix.

The Custom P90 neck will give you fat, full chords that are nicely balanced and articulate, with the muscular clang that typifies the best P90s. Use two Custom P90s for a high-output setup or pair a Custom bridge model with a Vintage P90 neck for ultimate flexibility. This pickup is a drop-in replacement for any traditional Gibson-sized P90 soapbar rout.