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Crush MINI - Musik Utan Gränser
Crush MINI - Musik Utan Gränser
Crush MINI - Musik Utan Gränser
Crush MINI - Musik Utan Gränser

Crush MINI

Ordinarie pris
595 kr
595 kr
Ordinarie pris

Orange Crush Mini är en riktigt grym miniförstärkare. Legendariskt Orange-sound i en smidig ultrakompakt format. Denna minikombo levererar; 3 watt, inbyggd stämapparat, högtalarutgång och AUX ingång. 

Träkabinett klätt i klassisk Orange-vinyl och front i Basket Weave.


  • Typ: Transistorkombo
  • Effekt/Rör: 3W
  • Kanaler: 1
  • EQ: 1-Band (tone)
  • Högtalare: 1x4 crush speaker
  • Reverb: Nej
  • Effektloop: Nej
  • Vikt: 0,94kg

A new feature for the Crush Mini is the 8 Ohm speaker output, using the preamp stage of the amp you can plug into a speaker cabinet, opening up the capabilities of your amp. The built-in tuner returns making sure on the road you are always in tune, the headphone output also cuts the speaker for silent practice, and the AUX IN means playing along to your favorite songs is a breeze. 

The Crush Mini uses three controls volume, shape, and gain, to give you a wide range of tones, without the need to spend too much time dialing in. The gain can be backed off and the volume pushed up to gain crunch tones. Then the gain brought in more to add more high gain distortion, with the shape being used to fatten or scoop your sound.

The headphone output disengages the speaker output for silent practice.

Plugging a cabinet into the speaker output turns the Micro Crush into an amplifier for your cabinet.

Play along to your music with the Aux-In input, to give you a portable practice rig.