MASH Unique & Powerful

The updated footswitch of the TC Electronic Flashback 2 features innovative MASH technology to transform it into a pressure-responsive expressive controller. This unique design feature gives you effect-specific mix, modulation, or feedback control direct from the footswitch, enabling adjustments on the fly without having to take your hands off your guitar.

Crystal Delay Algorithm & Extra TonePrint Slots

Another new addition to the TC Electronic Flashback 2 is the crystal delay effect. By pitching your delays up an octave through each feedback loop, the TC Electronic Flashback 2 can create an ethereal, other-worldy shimmer to complement your tone. On top of that, the Flashback 2 comes with two extra TonePrint slots compared to its predecessor for a total of three slots. With the ability to customise delay effects or acquire signature delay sounds via the TonePrint app or software, having three spaces to save them extends the versatility of the Flashback 2 even more. With three TonePrint slots, and eight incredible built-in delays including self-oscillation and a hyper-realistic tape warble, you have everything you need to explore the endless sonic world of delay.

Rugged Construction

Designed with durable yet compact construction to protect the internal components against outside elements, the Flashback 2's compact size ensures it takes up as little room on your pedalboard. The battery compartment is easily accessible to provide quick power changes when there is no option to use mains power, letting you enjoy the pedal without distraction. Its ergonomic design offers intuitive operation, and is the best choice for both on-stage and studio situations.


TonePrint is a powerful way to experiment with different sounds from the same pedal, offering a range of custom and artist designed settings which completely re-tune your pedal, including the effect and how the pots react. TC Electronic have collaborated with some of the best artists in the world to provide you with cloud access to their amazing sounds. Connect your pedal to your computer to change settings, or download the TonePrint app and wirelessly transfer the setting through your guitar's pickup. Update your pedal with custom made settings by checking out the list of TonePrint’s available here.


  • Return of a legend with new innovative features
  • Groundbreaking MASH technology transforms your footswitch into a pressure-responsive expression controller
  • New ethereal Crystal Delay algorithm that pitches your delays up one octave through each feedback loop to provide an other-worldy shimmer
  • TonePrint enabled with three dedicated TonePrint slots for storing signature and custom effects
  • Eight exceptional delay algorithms built-in, including a hyper-realistic tape warble and self-oscillation
  • The MASH footswitch gives you access to powerful effect-specific mix, modulation, or feedback control
  • Audio Tapping feature lets you set the delay tempo by strumming your guitar
  • Three delay sub-divisions with quarter note, dotted eighth note, and combination options
  • True Bypass circuitry allows for optimum clarity and zero high-end loss or 'tone-suck' when the pedal is off
  • Analog-Dry-Through maintains the integrity of the analog dry signal path, even when the delay effect is engaged
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark

TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay


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