Rörmikrofon med utbytbar kapsel, B6-kapsel ingår. Levereras med strömtrafo, kabel och SKB flight case.


Bottle är Blue’s flaggskepp och deras högsta bedrift när det gäller kvalité och innovation. Bottle kombinerar lågt brus och superb transient respons kombinerat med ett system för utbytbara kapslar. På ett ögonblick kan de bajonettmonterade Bottlekapslarna bytas ut för att få en alternativ tonal karaktär och mikrofonkaraktäristik samtidigt som nätaggregatet ej behöver startas om. Klass A förstärkaren i Bottle har en modern lösning med design som använder sig av handvalda EF86 Pentode vacuum rör i triode läge. Bottle är defenitionen av hantverksskicklighet, med handsammansatta custom-komponenter. Med åtta olika Bottlekapslar att välja från så får du en ultimat inspelningsupplevelse vid alla tillfällen.




The Bottle stands alongside the most iconic recording mics of the 20th century, adding a much-welcomed new voice to a traditional tone palette that had remained largely unchanged for decades. It’s an artisanal blend that combines the best of both modern and vintage electronics with the soul and character of legendary microphones to deliver a unique voice of its own. And with a system of nine interchangeable mic capsules that offer unique pickup patterns and tone personalities, Bottle is an unmatched studio solution for recording any sound source.



Bottle isn’t just a microphone—it’s a complete microphone system that features nine interchangeable mic capsules. Each of these nine Bottle Caps delivers a distinct pickup pattern and tonal characteristic to suit any instrument, vocalist, ensemble, or recording style. Bottle’s simple bayonet-mount lets you swap between capsules effortlessly—without turning off the power supply—so you can experiment with new sounds or layer tracks for lush sonic textures, instantly. No warm-up. No downtime. Just pure, uninterrupted performance so you can stay in the creative flow of your session.



With its impressive size and nostalgic resemblance to the earliest European tube microphones, Bottle radiates a gravitas that inspires once-in-a-lifetime performances. Like the mics of yesteryear, the Bottle body isn’t just for looks, but also holds a small fortune in precision electronics.

Bottle’s internal circuitry is thoroughly modern, with a fully discrete Class A tube circuit powered by a hand-selected EF86 pentode vacuum tube in triode mode for distinctive warmth and saturation. The hand-wound transformer—made of silver wire around nickel plates—delivers precision and accuracy due to the high conductivity that silver offers. Bottle utilizes electronic components of tthe highest quality (such as expensive metal-film resistors), with absolutely zero pad or low-cut filter switches in the microphone circuit. In short, this is a signal path of the highest possible quality, allowing you to get the maximum benefit out of the unprecedented capsule selection we’ve created.



Every Bottle microphone comes with our signature B6 large-diaphragm dual-backplate cardioid capsule. B6 holds the honored title of the “Blue Standard” and delivers larger than life sound with enhanced lows and extended high frequency response. It’s the ideal capsule for recording lead and background vocals, percussion, and guitars—all with detailed sonic dimension and character. And when you want to modify the tone and sonic signature of your Bottle, just swap the B6 for one of the interchangeable Bottle Caps to achieve any sound imaginable.



The Power Stream is more than a precision-engineered power supply that delivers clean, extremely consistent power to the Bottle. It’s also an innovative and creative tool for fine-tuning the Bottle’s sound. Both the heater and the plate voltages are ultra-stable and non-dependent on AC changes of fluctuations. For AC rectification, the Power Stream uses only high-frequency diodes to obtain the purest DC possible. And most importantly, the plate voltage supply is of low impedance, which improves sonics and clarity. All the potentiometer switches on the Power Stream are discrete military grade with enclosed contacts.



The Bottle’s release announced a new standard for pro-audio design innovation and performance—the Blue standard. Now the world’s most elite studios and top artists rely on Blue microphones to craft and memorialize their iconic sounds. Bottle is designed and hand-built in the USA, and delivers our heritage for superior studio-grade audio and inspiring design. Define your sound with the mic that changed everything—The Bottle.



- Fully discrete Class A tube circuit with EF86 vacuum tube

- Infinite tonal variation with interchangeable Bottle Caps

- Included B6 Bottle Cap provides larger-than-life vocal and instrument sound

- Quick-change bayonet capsule mount

- Power Stream Tube Mic power supply with variable capsule sensitivity dial

- Blue velvet-lined ATA flight case for secure portability


Blue Bottle


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