Professionell kondensatormikrofon (cardioid) för sång. Handbyggd i Tyskland.


TG V56 är en kondensatormikrofon för sång med topprestanda. Detta är en mikrofon det absoluta toppskiktet med ett otroligt naturligt och öppet ljud. Frekvensomfång: 20-20000 Hz. Vadderad väska och hållare ingår.




Premium true condenser microphone (cardioid) for vocals


Every comparison needs a reference – data, specifications, properties that can be measured against. For the vocal microphones of the Touring Gear series, the TG V96c true condenser microphone – the benchmark for live vocals assumes this role.


The strength of the TG V96c lies in its absolutely faithful reproduction - even of the finest nuances and on stage every detail counts. The microphone’s exterior stands out for its sophisticated design, with a special coated surface that is pleasant to the touch. But it is what’s inside that makes the TG V96c into a topclass microphone and makes it stand out with vocalists, professional rental companies and sound technicians: this real condenser microphone shines with a captivatingly natural sound. The subtle treble boost provides an open, finely detailed and nobtrusive sound pattern.


Further advantages: the TG V96c can be operated with phantom powering down to 11V without affecting the performance. The 5-layer pop protection made from metal gauze of differing mesh sizes and a sintered plate optimally suppresses plosives while significantly improving the rear-attenuation.


The TG V96c is rugged enough for the stage and is supplied with an individual frequency response curve print out. Handcrafted in Germany.


Sound Channeling Technology: 

- Linear frequency response due to specially shaped back plate electrodes to optimise the diaphragm vibrations

- Optimal sound due to multi-layer metal gauze on the upper grill

- Protects the diaphragm with sintered, acoustically neutral bronze


Beyerdynamic TG V96


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